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# Stackable

# Optional Upholstery

# Modular Seating Design

Dimensions (mm)



7 kg

Steel tube, Reinforced polypropylene


P00 Black

P02 White

P10 Red

P43 Denim

Frame colour



M12 Black

M68 White

M94 Silver


Comfort Upgrade
Special Elastic Fabrics
Ergonomic Ease
Invisible Glide

Comfort Upgrade

The cushion option enhances comfort and provides exceptional back support, this cushion ensures an optimal experience whether you're working long hours or simply relaxing.

Special Elastic Fabrics

The upholstery of the LINE series products is made from special elastic fabrics, and the unit price will vary depending on the choice of fabric.

Ergonomic Ease

Crafted for comfort, the arms are ergonomically designed to cradle your arms, providing support that conforms naturally to your posture.

Invisible Glide

Sleek hidden design that offers both protection and aesthetics. These invisible glides safeguard your precious flooring without compromising the overall look, ensuring a perfect blend of home beauty and practicality.

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