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Welcome to the official website of Shiangye Industrial Co., Ltd. (, hereinafter referred to as "this Website").

I. General Principles: 1. This Website is maintained and managed by Shiangye Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). Your registration and use signify that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions of this agreement with the Company. 2. The Company reserves the right to update or modify these terms at any time. Announcements will be posted on this Website, and individual notifications to members will not be made. We recommend you regularly review these terms. If you do not accept the changes, you should immediately cease using this Website; continued use will be deemed acceptance of the updated terms. 3. Users under eighteen years of age must have their legal guardian review and agree to these terms before using this Website.

II. Member Services: 1. The Company may, from time to time, adjust, add, or terminate certain member services. 2. Members have the right to receive the Company's newsletters, including information on the latest products and events.

III. Account and Personal Information: 1. Members must provide true and current information for registration and continuously maintain its accuracy. 2. Members are responsible for their account information and any activity under their account will be considered as conducted by the member.

IV. Member Rights: Members enjoy the following rights: Access to the latest product and event information. Download related product information and files.

V. Member Obligations: 1. Members must comply with laws and regulations and the norms of this Website, and must not engage in illegal activities or those that infringe on the rights of others. 2. Members should provide their real, complete, and latest information as prompted by the forms displayed during registration or service provision on this Website. Members must not impersonate others and should avoid posting inappropriate or illegal content.

VI. Privacy Policy: The Company respects and protects the personal data of all users. For details on data processing, please refer to the Company’s "Privacy Policy."

VII. Intellectual Property Rights: All content on this Website, including but not limited to writings, images, files, information, data, website structure, arrangement of website screens, and webpage design, unless otherwise indicated, are legally owned by the Company. This includes, but is not limited to, trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, and proprietary technology. Unauthorized use, modification, reproduction, public broadcast, adaptation, distribution, publication, reverse engineering, decompilation, or disassembly is prohibited.

VIII. Disclaimer: The Company is only responsible within the scope explicitly stated by law for any loss arising from the use of this Website.

IX. Interruption or Termination of Service: The Company may temporarily suspend or terminate the website service based on operational adjustments and will announce it on the Website.

X. Account Suspension or Termination: If a member violates these terms or relevant laws, the Company may suspend or terminate the member's account.

XI. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: The interpretation and application of these terms, and any disputes related to or arising from these terms, shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan), with the Kaohsiung District Court in Taiwan as the court of first instance jurisdiction.


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