Know-how, Design, Innovation

Know-how, Design, Innovation

Combined practicality with aesthetics

With a rich history of 45 years, ShiangYe knows that design and innovation are the keys to maintaining a leading position in a constantly changing industry. As a result, in 2008, we established a dedicated design department, marking the start of a new stage in product development where we successfully combined practicality with aesthetics. 

Our ongoing commitment to design and innovation has won us high recognition in the design industry. Starting with the RedDot Award in 2008, followed by the Taiwan Excellence Award and International Design Award Winner in 2010, the iF Design Gold Award and Design For Asia Award in 2011, the IDEA Bronze Award in 2013, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 2015, the A’DESIGN Bronze AWARD in 2016, and the iF Design Award in 2020.




Accumulated more than 80 patents

Over the years, we have accumulated more than 80 patents, demonstrating our continuous pursuit of innovative solutions. The story of ShiangYe is a story of expertise, design, and innovation. It shows how a company can lead the development of the industry through a commitment to these principles. Looking forward to the future, ShiangYe will continue to prioritize design and innovation, ensuring our products continue to embody the spirit of quality, design excellence, and innovation.

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