Sustainability Commencement

Shaping the Future through Sustainable Practices

We firmly believe in making a positive impact on the environment while also shaping a brighter future. 
Our commitment to sustainability permeates every decision and action we take.

Innovative Waste Transformation

We proudly announce the integration of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic into our production process, a pivotal step towards a greener future. This initiative serves as a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy, underscoring our determination to reduce environmental impact.

PCR Recycled Plastic Certification

The PCR recycled plastic we employ has been certified by TÜV Rheinland in Germany, attesting to its quality and alignment with international standards. This certification underscores our dedication not only to environmental stewardship but also to the pursuit of utmost quality.

Transforming Plastic Waste

The utilization of PCR plastic not only reduces petroleum demand but also yields significant environmental benefits. By curbing our reliance on petroleum, we proactively safeguard our precious global habitat. Furthermore, the manufacture of PCR plastic products boasts the key advantage of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  

In the process of recycling plastic into PCR plastic, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 85% compared to the production of new plastic. This reduction plays a pivotal role in addressing the global climate change crisis, demonstrating our commitment to reducing carbon footprints in practical action.  

Additionally, PCR plastic usage contributes to decreased resource consumption, including water and energy, thereby effectively diminishing our dependence on natural resources. This represents a major stride on our path toward sustainable development, reflecting our steadfast commitment to environmental preservation.

Practicing the Circular Economy

Experience firsthand the power of the circular economy as we guide plastic waste through a transformative journey. Witness discarded plastic products being transformed into PCR recycled plastic instead of ending up in landfills.

PCR Recycling Process



Pioneering a Sustainable Future

At ShiangYe, we understand that sustainability is more than a mere buzzword; it is our responsibility. Our commitment extends beyond the use of PCR recycled plastic to encompass every facet of our operations. We firmly believe that by leading in sustainable practices, we pave the way for an industry that is more environmentally conscious.

Participate in Co-creation

Join us on our journey to a more sustainable future. By choosing products crafted from PCR recycled plastic, you are investing not only in quality but also in creating a better world for future generations.  

Do you have questions or wish to collaborate? Feel free to get in touch with us and become a part of our sustainable movement.

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